Writing Process



The mindset piece is very important to get going. It also is good to have more positive thoughts about yourself so you’re not blocking your success. It also helps to know that you don’t have to rely on sheer will to get writing. Not every single piece of content you write has to be published anywhere. Not everything has to be perfect out of the gate. That’s why one gets editorial help (yes, I have to get an editor soon…)

Mindset alone is not enough. The right tools. I use scrivener to keep track of my writing. I can’t keep up with regular word processing software. The consistency of a special area to write makes all the difference. I’m fortunate that I can step away during my lunch break (most days anyway). I bring my personal laptop to work and it does a lot of work on my break.

The process is what will keep you going. Everyone has to find the process that works for them. There is not one single universal approach to writing. Find what works for you and keep at it. Mine happens to be considered a hybrid. I plan some writing pieces. Others I just write as the images come to mind. Find what works for you. Make it your own.

On my off days, I don’t punish myself for not writing. I’m not under contract. I don’t have any deadlines that aren’t self-imposed. So, when I can’t write, I can’t. But the process allows me to quickly get back in the game after an off day. Why? Every day I have to cross my lunch hour. Every single day, the habit shows up like clock work. So, I write. Like clock work.

Get your process and make it a habit. You’ll be glad you did. Make it your own. It need not be as rigid as mine.

Lastly. It’s been an hour. Time to get back to work. Word count. 2,864 (after edits, that number may well drop… in case someone checks) (the count actually rose to over 3k)


2 thoughts on “Writing Process

  1. We need more writing guru’s like you! thanks for posting this. Made me subscribe. i hope you also follow my page amazinglife99blog.wordpress.com. thanks!

    1. Thank you for such a kind compliment! I’ve never looked at myself as a writing guru of any kind. I’m just applying what I’ve read, testing ideas, and sharing results.

      I will check out your blog later today. Have an awesome week

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