It’s all in the eyes

The saying goes something like this… “the eyes are the avenues to the soul”. What happens when the color of the eyes prove to be just as fascinating as the soul?

My dear friend is one of these amazing people everyone should know. However, going to play the selfish card and not advertise who she is. Suffice it to know, she’s got eyes only for her man.

In the early days, she volunteered some of her time to help me build up my skills. She’s not new to the blog. Today, we’re focusing on her eyes.


The Eyes

Not only is the color of her eyes the subject of several conversations (at the time of taking the photos) the secret of her eye color was kept quiet for some time. To those who are very astute, the answer is very clear. So, the photo test in the park at late hours of the day was to try and capture the effect of the eyes on those looking.

I was such a rookie photographer back then. I would set up the photos very differently today. Even though the whole shoot was about more than just her eyes.

Kindness behind the eyes

Kind. Easy going. Open minded. Great listener. Curious.

These are some of the attributes that has made her soul so charming to those who get to know her. One does not leave such a beautiful soul open to anyone. Gotta protect yourself from those who would love to prey and feast on such generosity of spirit.


The shoot was done at a park in the blazing heat of summer. Even though it was late in the day, the heat made it challenging to work all the angles. A few water breaks were necessary.

Even finding refuge inside of a tunnel did not prove to bring that much relief from the heat. It did bring an interesting lighting challenge however.

I clearly learned that if I’m going to use a second flash, I need to have a tripod and some kind of diffuser to go with it. Plus, the material of the tunnel changed the coolness of the flash and made it warmer than anticipated.

This would not be the only and last shoot to try and capture the glimmer of the twinkle in an eye.


A third of the shoot was focused on lighting. Another third was focused on learning how to pose a model. The other part of the shoot was about finding creative angles to showcase different parts of her outfit.

This reminds me, I need to schedule a few more such tests to keep the learning sharp and to push into new frontiers of experiences.

Thank you my friend for giving of your time.

Editorial Note: This post was originally shared in the project section on January 17 2018. It’s being reshared on the blog as part of the 2018 blog audit. 

The associated blog post (and fictional story for these pictures) lives here (The Gate Keeper)

  1. The Gate Keeper - A photo session years ago sparked a lot of lessons about how to pose a model. Today, a bit of fiction, inspired by the photos, comes to you to create a mood. My friend modeled... the mind created. Enjoy
  2. It’s all in the eyes - Lady Cena has eyes that draws attention Some want to get close. But just not too close The Gate Keeper may not want you too close... even though they're friendly eyes

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