Sun-kissed Diamond

There are moments in life that shine bright. The kind of shine that leaves a person inspired. When such moments are part of a person… well… you’ve got the beginnings of art.

I’ve heard a few guys talk romantic verses, practice pickup lines, and waltz a grand talk… all in the hopes of catching the attention of a sun-kissed diamond in the rough. Well, fellas, got bad news for ya… she’s happily spoken for by a good friend of this blog. However… be that as it may, your words have inspired a few ideas for a post today.

Sun-kissed Diamond


The sun shown it’s splendor… burning those who vainly took it’s power for granted… while bronzing those who worshiped wisely. Not this lovely lady. She feared no sun. She radiated her own sun.

In the midst of a raging city, full of tempers and hastily thrown attitudes, there was a diamond sitting in the rough. She was waiting for the right signal to bring her royal bloom to full blossom.

Hidden in plain sight, she let her actions do the speaking. Humble. Sweet. Calm. Honest. Trusting. Engaging. She knew her worth, but didn’t brag about it. You’d have to seen her in action to understand.

Helpful, loyal, truthful, and outright gold. This lady would leave the best of men blushing… if it wasn’t for her modest efforts to avoid such moments.

Yet, the guys lined up… wondering… who would be so lucky to kiss her.


Was it the eyes? Was it the smooth skin? Was it the fashion that seemed pitched perfectly at all times? No one knew. But many guys felt intimidated. Could be the watchful cousins who protected their diamond from lurking eyes with evil smiles.

Whatever the case maybe, they all faltered by the wayside. Some bold enough to ask, most too scared to face the heat.

In the midst of the sun…

Friendships mean the world to those with authentic hearts. They thrive on real connection. The resonate with passion when dealing with passionate beings.

It was not hard to see why this diamond shown so brightly when a photographer, determined to be authentic, asked her to stand in the sunlight.

Her internal beam tuned in to the sunlight and left a radiating smile for the world to see. But the world was not looking. They were too busy asking why the photog was so lucky. But the lens did not miss a beat. The sun was giving the most romantic of kisses.

Pure. Honest. Powerful. Gold.

The sun knew and recognized one of it’s own. A shining star in the midst of the city.

It was just a matter of time… for the eclipse was not to last long. The hurried pace of life would soon have the sun moving along. Yet, she still shown and glowed as is the legacy of her forefathers.

She is strong. She is smart. She is driven. She is power. She is a queen. And queens wear their crown in full sparkle… when the light is right.

Never one to pull another queen’s crown askew, she’s one to help straighten another… she knows… all ships can rise with the rising waters of life when the tide comes in.


Behind the smile…

The eyes… how they tell many wonderful stories. But one has to get past the smile to see the eyes. They won’t let you know of the sacrifices she’s made to get where she’s at. They won’t let you know how many hours were spent praying for miracles for those she loves. She won’t share the secretes reserved for just her husband. But understand clearly, her eyes sees, registers, and understands

With no time for fake friendship, she’s all about building the future of her family. She’s preparing the royalty that will keep her legacy alive.

She makes it look easy, always with that smile. Her complaining reserved for the only one who can answer prayers. She moves with grace and elegance because she is fueled by faith.


This writer does not know of any pain she had to endure, but like all diamonds, she’s been pressed, stressed, and tested. The sun kissed her so lovely because it approved of her victories over time.

When proved by pressure and fire, one will arise as a diamond. Just ask her husband. Those who are fortunate to be her friend know of the radiance that motivates and inspire.

When the fellas try and get a smile… they don’t see what’s behind the smile. The resolute focus of a woman on a mission. The strength of a queen on her quest to expand her queendom right alongside her husband’s kingdom. Fully capable of taking over and running the full show on her own… but powerful enough to allow him to lead on their mutually agreed upon path.

While these are oldies but goodies…

The photos in this post are not current. These were from before she married. However. That sun kissed radiance has gotten much brighter now that she’s leading her family. One day… there may be a photo session showcasing the clarity of her diamond nature being kissed by the sun once more.

these words were inspired by the photo session and friendship this writer/photographer shares with his model/friend


Editorial Note: This post was originally shared on the project section on May 30, 2018. During the blog audit, it was moved over to the blog section. All links were updated accordingly. 

All the other blog posts and projects done with my friend will be listed below via links. Enjoy browsing through them and thank you for taking time to read my work. Appreciate a click of the like button as well as share with those who could benefit.

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