Royal Portrait

Royal Portrait

Sometimes, when playing in portrait mode, it’s fine to go a bit outside the traditional lines. Have fun with it. Smile a bit. All in showing your inner royalty

A little bit more

A few shots to showcase part of the ensemble and the smile of GiGi.

Up Close

Sometimes, it’s best to frame the focus around the smile and leave everything else behind

The Portfolio List

There are several blog posts about GiGi in the works. As they go live, they will be represented on these dedicated GiGi pages below. Thank you for visiting, liking and enjoying. Feel free to share with anyone who can benefit from her story.

Queen GiGi and the Gold Coat

The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

GiGi Portraits

Getting up close and capturing the smile of royalty


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