The Portrait of a Queen

We make quick snap opinions based on what someone looks like. But how often do we take the time to take a closer look and find out who they really are?

This does take into consideration that some do not want to be seen so closely. However, with the right approach, many people will show you a side of them that would surprise you pleasantly.

The inner game of confidence mixed with absolute resolution to succeed, well, that’s the portrait of a queen.

The Portrait of a Queen

One need only look at the smile and understand that it holds a wealth of knowledge. This smile has seen many struggles and pressed on without gaining a wrinkle.

She never yielded to the western European model of beauty. She always shown her very own. The opportunity and technology was there to allow her to betray her roots and adopt those from whom she gains pay. Not this queen. No. She stayed true and democratized her own beauty.

By leading through example, she lifted herself by her bootstraps and propelled others to do the same. Paving the way for the generation to come, she gave love with grace and fueled it with passion.

Only a queen can have you get this close… and have you believe she’s from easy street. She never bows to pressure. She always rise to the occasion. Wearing her crown proudly. Handling her grief and pain very wisely… privately.

Just take a close look. You’ll see. Grace and beauty wrapped in elegance. That is how a queen handles it all. But don’t be fooled. She’s got fire in her bones. She will stand up for herself. Capable of overthrowing all manners of kings. She fears no one. Bows to no one. But only acknowledges those worthy of her attention.

Her dreams of prosperity will come true in due time as the various pieces of her empire are being built across time. Behind that smile is a land filled with passion and love. The gates well guarded. The maps well hidden. The treasures only to be enjoyed by invitation only.

This is the portrait of a queen. One who rules herself first before lighting the fire in others so they can rule themselves. Her inner peace steadily blossoming as she meditates on tranquility. That peace, radiates, impregnates, infiltrates, and bears good fruits.

A picture paints a thousand words. This portrait is only but so many words. To fellowship with a queen is to experience more than a mere measure of infinite words.


There will be more posts coming in the future staring Queen GiGi. For those who missed the prior posts, the link below will take you to the page that has all past listings and will house all future listings of posts done in her honor.

Thank you kindly for visiting.

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