Kick-Off: A New Year

Already a week into the record books and some folks are falling off their goals for the year. Not here. Writing is a passion that’s not going away. Taking pix is one that has had seasons and will continue to come and visit.

For now, it’s time to just touch on the subject of New Year’s Resolutions and keep everyone in the loop of what’s going on.

Kick-Off a New Year

It is customary to have goals and desires for a given new year. Mine is to wish you all good health, good fortune, great friendships, time to read my blog (and that of others), and pushing to new heights any passions you’ve had… but didn’t quite start.

Of course, in this mix, there will be many wonderful posts that must get created. I hope to get on with this writing journey and create a lot more photo inspired works of art for you to enjoy. A few chapters from a potential book won’t hurt and despite popular impressions, there will still be some Motivational Mondays to boot.

The start is just half the battle

We place a lot of stake on how we start a new year. While that is great, and the tendency is for humans to do this by nature, it’s only the half of it. Carrying on beyond the first three weeks of the year is the second half of the battle.

It’s so easy to type platitudes to make people feel good, but reality is more complicated. It’s more than just will power that’s needed. If that was enough, I would have been a top earning world class blogger ions ago.

What I’ve learned in my couple years of recent blogging, the push to keep going has to be linked to constant starts. Not just for January, but each week. Gotta treat each week as a fresh new start. The beginning of something amazing.

The key is not to reinvent the wheel each Monday. The key is to keep up with progress each Monday while treating it like it was the first Monday of the year.

I used to wonder if that would ever get old and boring, the pretending it’s the new year each Monday… and it can. I just look at it as the start of a new chance to push the ball forward a few yards. That’s how I manage to get nearly half a million words down each year. Each Monday, I start with the plan and hope to reach a couple thousand words.

More importantly, making sure I put in time every day to do something towards my goals.

And when the going gets really tough…

2018 taught me one simple truth that we all know. Life gets tough. Period. However, bouncing back is the real magic. I’ve had several chances to wipe the slate clean, mentally, and restart. Hence why I love writing Motivational Monday posts. It’s not the popularity, it’s the regularity. It’s the anchor that keeps me writing. It’s the glue that feels new. Each week, it’s a new start on Monday.

2019 will be attacked the same way. Each Monday is an automatic reminder that I have to write and share something. That constant drill has been the driving force that has kept me blogging here. So much so that I now have other sites going discussing the various topics of interest that I test and try.

Will power is only part of the solution. An anchoring routine is the other. Success is really a series of habits that are done day in and day out.

I write each week. Even if it’s just on social media. I write. I share. This keeps me going. If you’re going to reach your goals this year, you’ve got to have an anchoring routine.

The stats suggests that Motivation Monday is not a big hit. However. Without this anchoring routine, the throwback posts that everyone seems to love, wouldn’t be. For whatever reason, Thursday throwback doesn’t hook me to write each week. Could be because it’s so far into the week… or that the posts seem big and daunting at times. Nevertheless, I have to keep my anchoring routine in place so I can create the other things that people enjoy reading.

One day, I won’t need the anchor. Until that day, I keep starting fresh each week on Monday.

Motivation Monday

lens monday 2

Today is the first Monday of the year. It’s that time when people already should be in the swing of their goals. Most will start to give up.

I urge you to anchor your goals to a routine you’ve already got and are good at keeping. This will give you a fighting chance to continue into next month. Even into the quarter after that.

Having passion and an anchoring routine does wonders to keep will power alive and healthy.

I couldn’t have shared this post last week when the New Year began officially, but that would have thrown off my anchor. I encourage you to respect your anchors, without being disrespectful to the ones you care about anyway.

Let’s make this year awesome on purpose. Have a most fabulous year. Have all your wildest dreams come true. I will keep you posted on my progress with my writing.

Cheers to kicking off the New Year solidly with a great anchor! See you again next week for another Motivational Monday.

For your reading pleasure, a sampled list of other Motivational Monday post will be added below. Just click on the title or image to get to the post of interest.

Appreciate any sharing of these posts you’re inclined to do. Helps spread the word.

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To conclude this post, below will be a list of the various Motivation Monday projects… sorted by years… for those who would like to binge read any of the posts they might have missed in the past.

Thanks for the time you took to visit and appreciate this blog.

Motivational Monday 2017

The segment called Motivational Monday is aggregated by years. This is the 2017 collection

Motivational Monday 2018

Working to have better more consistent posts of the motivational variety to kick off weeks

The collection lives here

One day… a collection will be complete enough to be published… until then.. the collection grows

Motivational Monday 2019

The home of all Motivational Monday posts for 2019

Starting off early… with the goal of filling this page each week with a new post


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