Focused Collections From Social

With the ever shifting focus on social media, it can feel difficult to build a blog. There are times the temptation to drop the blog and focus on social media is high. However, the echoes of words from a wise man still ring… social media platforms aren’t forever. Just think of MySpace. However, there are blogs that predates all these platforms. A form of internet insurance, maybe?

To that end, to bring a bit of focus to some of my creativity, it’s time to have a bookmark-able space where some of the best of social media can live. Who knows if I’ll dig into the past and pull up some of the best of the past, but going forward, this is a new extension of the blog/site. Call it growth.

Focused Collections from Social

This page is designed to allow an accumulation of these posts in one place. The blog will have a few of these posts show up over time. Instead of having people dig around for the posts… should they want to binge read… time to let the site aggregate the posts on one page.

While some of the posts will be random in nature… there will be poetic explorations of all kinds… as well as photo inspired micro-blogging. Then… there will be musings about photography… lessons learned… ideas to motivate. It’s whatever crosses my mind that sounds good from social media that I want to keep around on my own blog… just in case something happens to social media.

Thank you for all the likes, the support, and the shares. Really appreciate it and it keeps me motivated. Keep taking pictures. Keep a sharp focus on your goals and positivity on your journey.

It’s all about the words

The below links will feature the posts that were shared on social media… well… most of them anyway. Do check back in every now and again, as these links will self-update whenever a new post is shared on the blog.

Until next time… keep your lens sharply focused… as you smile on through your day.

  • A close up photo inspires some poetry - Lady Cena's close up photo session, with her hats, inspired some romantic poetry on social media A meditative look, through poetry, of a special bond between a husband and wife... the early days. With style and grace, preserving the poems on the blog.
  • Walking Through Shadows - The ebb and flow of life means some ups and downs The shadows will pass and give way to sun. Sun will give way to clouds This too will eventually pass. Just keep on your journey. Poetry
  • Micro-Blogging - When creating, it's good to keep trying new ways of telling a story. Taking some photos from social to inspire new posts An extension of storytelling Keeping creativity challenged
  • A Little Old School Planning - When trying to figure out very complex moving pieces of a plan... a little pen and paper goes a long way Clarity in simplicity Tangible, visual, physical planning works when digital feels intangible.
  • Keys of Success - Time. Demand. Supply. Marketing. Value. Pricing. Luck. Etc Just a few keys to success. It's more about balancing many keys to be successful. Micro Blog from social


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