A challenge…opportunity…

The other day, a chat with a former client of mine covered the topics of my interests in business. .The question was simple, why didn't I grow my photography into a successful business. And, as good as I think I am, that is a solidly good question. I can spin this any number of ways. … Continue reading A challenge…opportunity…

The teacher humbly/gladly becomes the student

The other day, sitting in front of the computer, contemplating past work, a thought rushed through. The student had become the teacher! Looking at the camera sitting on the side not yet gathering dust, many emotions rushed by. The work was fun, but the time was lacking. The student had excelled and the teacher knew … Continue reading The teacher humbly/gladly becomes the student

The perfect shot…..

On a lovely pleasant August afternoon, the resident photog set out to enjoy a nice lovely day in the park. The camera bag came along, of course. Those were the days of always being prepared. One can't take the chance of missing a perfect shot.   The park was a small place whose main attraction … Continue reading The perfect shot…..

Of Lace and Corsets

The wedding ceremony was being delayed. Everyone was eager to see the bride. Did she have cold feet? Where was the photographer? Behind the scenes, a frantic team was trying to figure out the lacing of a corset.... Orders barking on the radio... guests getting restless....Of Lace and Corsets!

It’s all a gamble sometimes

The day was overcast and the mood had an electric feeling about it. Not quite the easy Sunday morning that one could hope for, work was pressing the agenda. There were photos to edit, a shoot to gear up for, lessons to learn, classes to ace. No, this was not an easy type of weekend. … Continue reading It’s all a gamble sometimes