How I get away with no New Year’s Resolutions

How goals work with Resolutions


Whatever your resolution is, you’ve got to back it up with some strategy of success. Back in my old job, I used to teach clients how to make their goals work. One day, I’ll put together some of that for another blog post. For today, here is a few good highlights.

Your goals have to be Specific Measurable Achievable Reviewable Timely SMART something many have already heard much about


I want to lose weight won’t cut it.

I want to successfully trim off 15 pounds in time for my planned August cruise to the Bahamas.

Very specific thing you want to achieve.


You know how much you weigh today. When August cruise arrives, you get on the scale and find out if you’ve actually lost 15 pounds.

As I’m no fan of a scale… I would apply this goal by saying what pants size I would rather fit in time for the cruise. I can do pant size. I don’t care for the scale.


Can you do this? Are you medically cleared to workout and lose weight? Will doing this goal hurt you or enhance you. Not all goals can be reached.

I clearly am not going to shed 150 pounds in any given year. There are many horrible things that will happen to me well before I reach that goal. My biology can’t do it.

However, I have plenty of room to lose 15 pounds. And furthermore, it will not be destructive to me or anyone I love… or hurt the environment in the process. Seven months is plenty of time to get there if you’re going at the clip of 2 pounds a month.


I can check my progress at regular monthly intervals. No point checking my weight daily or weekly for that matter. Too many things influences weight in that short a window. However, monthly is a good span. You can better see results in 30 days too. And it leaves you enough room to play catchup if you’re off one month without hurting yourself.


I got seven months to knock out this goal. I can do it. I can have people support me and cheer me on. I can have people join me and keep me motivated. It’s not a never ending goal. It has a clear start (now) and a clear finish (August… no I’m not going on a cruise… that is just added fictional info to make the point)

While we’re at it… I am not planning to lose that amount of weight by that specific window of time. I’ve not locked in my SMART weight goal yet. Others are ahead of it. That said, the other goals will contribute to me losing weight before the close of the year… yay!

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