How I get away with no New Year’s Resolutions



Many have already set their resolution. Now, add a few goal setting tactics and an accountability partner and you’re well on your way to get there. At least way ahead of the competition that’s relying on pure stroke of luck to make their goals.

Your approach will be whatever variant of this and anything else you’ve learned. So long as you’ve got an approach.

My last tip for this to work, don’t just wish it into existence. You’ve already seen how that has worked years past.

Put a plan on paper to have success. Then. Place in your calendar key check in dates with auto-reminders (text or emailed or both). That way you’re not forgetting to keep the pace going.

Could be weekly reminders with weekly benchmarked goal points. It could be every 10 days. Whatever increment, set your reminders now.

Oh and, yeah. Just because the year has already started and you’re feeling behind… doesn’t mean you can’t start this week, today, correctly so that you can actually make the resolutions work for you. It is still January and it is still a New Year.

S.M.A.R.T. – that’s you. You’ve got all the intelligence necessary to process all the information you need… to create all the necessary action to succeed. This is your year! Go get it done!

Feel free to comment below your goals, aspiration, ambitions. Maybe by making it a bit more public, it will boost your chances of success. Who knows, I may just plop your idea into a blog post down the road to help inspire and motivate you.

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading my writings. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for clicking like. Means a lot. Wishing you the best! Let this journey be your best yet.


To those who visited from thank you. Hope the details here added value to the Love Calendar post you just read.

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