Rare Gem Event

The photo sequence starts with a view from the dash as I enter the garage area… barely on time too… didn’t know it at the time.


Then.. The view from the shotgun seat of the van as we get the tour of the track. For reference… we took the first turn at 60mph and the van felt like it was going to roll over. One person asked the driver to slow down. In the race car, that corner is done well over 120mph. I know on race day, the professionals corner over 145mph. In the car, there was no feeling of rolling over.. Just the feeling of sinking into the roadway… thanks to great banking.



The other pix are of the car… one of them anyway. I don’t have pix of the car I used, as my phone was not on my person. What a super awesome day that was.

It now lives in my memory… and in case that goes… I can always come back and read about it here on this blog 🙂


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