Rare Gem Event

Sure enough

Yup. The directions was to actual race track. Not some nice fancy place next to the track. The actual track!

Yes, she printed out the directions, as she knew if I had the GPS information, the secret would be out. She gave me the farm stand address to throw my deductive reasoning totally off. I had checked the maps and had seen a resort near that stand, so I figured we were on a date to a resort and she didn’t want me to know.

Clever lady rarely bests me… but she’s also one of the few people who can. A veritable rare gem event.

For the Record

I never asked her to do this for me. This was a complete and total surprise to me. A very well planned and carefully thought out plan.

But it gets better

I don’t just visit the track, which would have been amply fine by me. I get to walk the garage area too. But there were no teams there, just a few cars from an older spec era.

As I check out the scene and get ready to snap photos on my cell-phone, something caught my eye. There was a driving program underway. People were actually racing these cars around the track. Or so it appeared anyway.

As I calmed down, I realized it was just mechanics shaking down the cars and warming them up. That’s nice of them to have fun like that.

Last surprise

She then hands me a ticket. I read it. I’m instructed to report to the briefing room. So I do.

I’m the last guy to show up. And I mean, last. They were about to close the door for the safety briefing. So, I tuned in. While I knew most of the racing line information, the safety tips were awesome. I got the feel I was getting set to run around the track.

After the long checklist of rules, we were escorted out to a van which took us around the track and explained the racing lines and surface conditions. I was beyond blown away. This was way closer than anything I had ever dreamed of doing on any bucket list of mine… ever! Even more rare gem event.

The last surprise gets even better

As I get out of the van from the tour, I’m all cheesing and happy ready to head home. This was the opportunity of a life time… a remarkable rare gem event. Then, one of the crews showed me away from my wife and towards one of the haulers. In there, my ticket was stamped and I was told to secure my belongings and change into a racing suit.

Wait a moment I don’t have a lock, I don’t have anything prepared I’m now changing into a racing suit and asked if I wanted ear protection. Having no money on my person thanks to the tolls… not my wife’s fault I passed. (shouldn’t have… but whatever)

Eight laps later, I had reached 186mph on one of my favorite race tracks in a genuine NASCAR racing machine. Had my legs been an extra inch longer, I’m sure I would have reached 200 mph.


I can’t tell you how much joy this was. I can’t tell you how much I loved that experience. Words fail me… despite this being three times longer a blog post than I had planned.

Thinking ahead

I’m not a romantic guy. I only know how to write the stuff. I can’t realistically do this stuff. That’s my wife’s area of expertise. I feel horrible for her. She’s got the gift of being romantic. I don’t.

I just know how to string words together and make a few people blush. You should, if I ever link to it, read one of my posts on the other blog I do… just as a hobby like this blog here. (can’t leave you hanging… www.lovesperspective.com) not a promotional plug… it would be awkward to say I write something and not show where it is

So… I really need to step up my game. My wife has been super awesome to me. I have had the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to marrying the lady of a lifetime. And now… my poor mind is trying to figure what to do that is on a similar grand scale for her… and I’m drawing a blank.

All I know is this. I’m extremely blessed to have had this gift. On the last page are a few photos of what I saw as I was going along. There won’t be any photos of me in them, as it was me taking the pix before selfies were a huge thing. Flip phones aren’t great for selfies. Now, to figure how to orchestrate something like this for my lady… let’s see if I can create a character that does something nice… and then.. I just copy his moves.

That just might work

Provided I don’t publish his moves… as my wife does read my blogs lol this was supposed to be a 500 word post by the way

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