Coordinated Expressions of Love



People have expectations of romance. People see their interests very clearly. It takes maturity and skills to see another perspective and defend it as if it was your own. That is what genuine love does for the person being loved. A mom sees the needs of her child and puts them ahead of her needs for the child’s success. A dad does the same for his children. Most people claim they do that for their lovers… but do they really?

It is easy to be nice to someone in good times. It is easy to be nice to someone who is nice back to you. However, it’s a whole different situation when the person is unable to provide for our needs while demanding of us for their needs.

The give and take of life requires that people adapt to the ever changing dynamics of love. One day you’re giving, the other you’re providing. It is never a perfect transaction. However, the promise made during the vows ceremony is to do one’s absolute best no matter how one is being treated.

(for legal purposes… this blog is not advocating putting one’s life and well being at risk in the name of love. This blog is supporting the mutual nourishing of romance in a healthy balanced intelligent way)

That means, when my partner is having a bad day, I don’t decide to make their day worse because I’m not feeling the love I was expecting. It means I am supportive, loving, caring, and nurturing so that my partner’s bad day has a note of brightness in it because I’m there. Who knows, that very note of brightness may make all the difference in their ability to address my needs.

Today, we take vows too lightly as a society. We have adopted a throwaway mentality. Everything is disposable. Love should never have made the list of disposables. If you’re in a loving bond, please be encouraged to know that others will want your success and happiness. There are resources out there to help you both get where you want to get.

It is a coordinated effort where both parties have to do their part so the whole of the relationship succeeds. Thankfully, sometimes it only takes one to start the momentum towards better. While it is your life, it is within the context of the lives of others. A wise person knows how to strike the balance so the expressions of love is balanced and beautiful.

There is plenty more to say… but… that will be linked below to other blog posts (ie bonus content) that captures variations on this theme. Keep nourishing your love and supply your relationship with all the tools it needs to succeed.

The photo gallery is here (When Two Become One). The poetry is here (To Say “I Do”).

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