Win vs Right

As one moves forward with all the various relationships needed to keep life amazing, keep in mind that there is always a different perspective from yours. There is always another way to look at a problem. There are multiple focal points that need considerations.

While it is easier to keep one focus point in sight, every now and again in select relationships, it’s good to look at one or two additional focal points to ensure a win-win situation can happen.

It is not possible to do this win-win multi-focal-point approach every single time. Nor is it necessary to do so. However, with people very close to you, when things get a bit more tense, a bit more challenging, a bit more turmultuous, that is when it’s most critical to negotiate wisely with as many vantage points as possible.

The more you know, the better you’re able to negotiate. Therefore ask more questions, listen with intent to understand before opting to respond. Once you understand, then, figure if you need to convey your idea as right or not. And as you convey your idea, be sure to check and make sure the other understands.

Then… negotiate.

In love relationships, understand that you’re looking for the vantage of the relationship winning. That is what makes it a win-win situation. The relationship wins. The couple bond is held stronger. When the relationship wins, the individuals in the relationship can not lose. Elevate the love, the romance, the partnership… and it will elevate both the parties.

on my other blogs, I dive in a bit more on the relationship aspects of this win-win concepts (feel free to check out and if you’ve not already)

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