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  • Life Can Be Like Sports - Using the Analogy of Sports to help build out the concept of winning as a habit. Build your winning team and get your goals done! On a professional level
  • New Quarter New Hopes New Season - When Mother Nature thinks it's still Winter instead of Spring and lets snow fall as an April's Fool Joke.... bounce back with renewed ambition to make this quarter amazing!
  • The Time of a Close Up - When Patna smiles... something magical happens. During a birthday celebration shoot... worked on my close-up skills. Sharing a few memories and a gallery of this shoot.

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Smile, you’re on camera

Sometimes… a smile is hard to get.. but when gotten… looks amazing. Especially in closeup

Gallery for the blog post of the day

To Say “I Do”

Sharing a few ideas that could pass for vows in an era where weddings are falling out of favor.

Not my original vows… just musings about saying “I Do”

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