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  • The Backpack Gallery

    Details count for a lot when leaving an impression. Here are the photos that inspired the mini-series you’re enjoying this week

    The Backpack Gallery

    This gallery is about a backpack that inspired a story. From there arose a little poetry. Then, refocusing the lens, found some motivational inspiration to share.

    I’m grateful for the friend who owns this backpack. Full of energy, passion, drive, she’s an inspiration.

    Instead of tapping into her modeling skills, which are pretty cool, I challenged myself to make her bag the star of the photos. Might as well dabble into product photography.

    I did realize that product photography doesn’t work well without a lot of careful lighting… which I didn’t do. If I ever want to offer product photo services, I will need to invest in more lighting.

    For this round of photos, I used my iPod Touch.

    Without further back-story, let’s dive into this small gallery.

    Standing Tall

    Stand tall
    Stand strong
    Stand correct
    Stand positively

    Sometimes, we’ve just got to stand
    Be all that we can be
    Take all that we should take
    And advocate for those needing advocacy

    No matter the light
    No matter the shade
    Don’t shrink yourself
    To ease anyone else’s doubt

    Your best service to others
    Comes when you’re standing tall
    Showing the way by example
    Confidence looks great on you

    Even When Laying Down

    Some moments look awesome in their candid state. While this series was all about standing confidently, there is something to be said about being laid back while upholding one’s confidence.

    It’s totally fine to be chill and relaxed while presenting one’s best.

    Just because you’re taking some down time to be cool and relaxed doesn’t mean the confidence has to lapse. Instead, show off other fabulous angles you’ve got in your moments of relaxation.

    After all, you’re all fabulous anyway.

    Confidence is Contagious

    We love to look our best. However, we easily forget how looking our best helps us feel our best. Not saying to go spending our last to look beyond our means.

    We’re talking about taking care of yourself. Treating yourself nicely. Not beating up on ourselves. Going out and enjoying ourselves.

    When we do good for ourselves, we not only feel better, but perform better. When caring for those who depend on us, don’t we want to give them our best? That means making time to take care of us so we can take care of them.

    It also means surrounding yourself with more than just like-minded people. We’ve got to have a group of confident people who inspire us to remain our best. Sure, they’re there to help pick us up every now and again, but they’re there to show us that it is possible to do better than we’re doing.

    Keep in mind, don’t negate those in your circle whom you inspire. They need to look up to you as well. They’ve got to benefit from your efforts of being your best.

    It’s not something massively huge you’ve got to do. It can be something very small and super trivial.

    Like… the style of your backpack.


    The backpack is all the baggage you carry around with you day to day. You don’t have to be bleeding negativity all over the place. Nor should you have to carry negativity with you all the time either.

    Sometimes, it’s wise to just pack the stress nicely and sweetly into a sealed container until the moment when it is appropriate and safe to open and address it.

    Yet, no one has to see the vault that carries your woes.

    Some people have joy in their hearts, but their cargo carrier looks depressed. A relic from a bygone era when life was much harder and more stressful.

    When life improves, they fail to upgrade their backpack, and all the world see is a beat-up and tired human instead of the rejuvenated and happy person they are.

    Think “resting b-face”.

    Not saying to fake smile all over the place.

    But bring out something else about you that shows your real authentic self better. For some, it’s a little flower on their lapel. Others, it’s a new frame for their glasses. Many, it’s a change in fitness.

    Whatever the deal, impressions count and having the right container to carry you, as in your healthy body, is a great way to send the right signals to the world.

    Let’s be real, we’d all love the world not to judge us by our appearances. However, the world has no quick easy way to know who you are other than your appearance. Why not make that appearance really representative of you in the here and now?

    Your best appearance is for you to decide. Your best attire is also for you to decide. The world can tell the difference… and appreciates your best authentic you. This blog is not suggesting you alter your body at all. Instead… just be happy in the skin you’re in and keep yourself as healthy as you’re able to

    All it takes is one little minor change. A change in disposition. The change is free, for the budget conscious. And the whole rest of you will look fresher, newer, smarter, healthier, wiser. In time, the physical can eventually catch up to the internal.

    Go out and have a great amazing day… on purpose!

    For those who missed the first two posts, inspired by this backpack, the whole trilogy is listed below for your reading pleasure.



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