There are some writing samples that feel exemplary. Others are just musings that may not fit the pace of the blog. Even still, others are just to showcase to myself a milestone in the journey of writing.

Enjoy the reads as well as the view behind some of the inspirations of pieces on the blog


To Say “I Do”

Sharing a few ideas that could pass for vows in an era where weddings are falling out of favor.

Not my original vows… just musings about saying “I Do”

The Brick Wall

Life will throw brick walls your way to see just how hungry you are to get on with your journey.

This post is based on a children story I once heard as a child. A strong motivational inspiration throughout my life

Introductions to Writings

The blogging journey has helped me get into some serious writing.

Some now are worthy of their own showcase as the some of the good ones get lost in the list of growing blog posts.

Starting to experiment with showcasing my work better with a portfolio