Accessories make the outfit stand out. It’s the original touch that makes for a special polish. Sometimes it’s a signature brooch, other times it’s the hairdo, but this time around, it’s the hat.

Table of Content

The table of content will be listed in two forms… short(below) and expanded(end of post).

  1. Crop a photo to save a photo
  2. Playful Hats
  3. A Playful Hat Gallery


Elizabeth joins in a live photo session with a creative idea. Why not incorporate a few hats into the set. Making the best of the lighting and beaming her smile, the session becomes a blast of laughter.

The set of the shoot was not the most ideal, however, the results do speak for themselves. The post editing was a bit rougher than expected, but after some reflection, the hats shown through as they were supposed to.

Expanded Table of Contents

To help the reader know what’s coming, a more detailed version of the table of contents is provided for you below.

  1. Crop a photo to save a photo - Sharing a few lessons learned from taking not so great photos... and saving them for the right time... to blog about them
  2. Playful Hats - Poetry inspired by photos from Elizabeth wearing two different hats
  3. A Playful Hat Gallery - The photo gallery to the Playful had poetry Inspired by photos of Elizabeth

Bonus Content

Any and all bonus content will be shared with you below. Such as the ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘deleted scenes’ or whatever.


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