Sharing a few of the projects I’ve done in the past for clients, friends, experiments, and just for fun.

“Without experiments, random discoveries of fun and passion may evade us.”

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Focused Collections From Social

A collection of micro-blogged posts from social media.

An extension of creative writing

Micro – Blogging

A collection of photo inspired words… brought into a better focus on the blog.

The musings are shared both on the blog and on social media as a joint effort of creativity.

This page is the home of micro-blogging

Queen GiGi

The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

Playful Hats

When a photo session inspires a few words of poetry

One gets a play with hats

Get Close… Up Close

Getting up close and personal… capturing beauty and happiness in one shot

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