Sharing a few of the projects I’ve done in the past for clients, friends, experiments, and just for fun.

“Without experiments, random discoveries of fun and passion may evade us.”

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To Say “I Do”

Sharing a few ideas that could pass for vows in an era where weddings are falling out of favor.

Not my original vows… just musings about saying “I Do”

The Brick Wall

Life will throw brick walls your way to see just how hungry you are to get on with your journey.

This post is based on a children story I once heard as a child. A strong motivational inspiration throughout my life

Smile, you’re on camera

Sometimes… a smile is hard to get.. but when gotten… looks amazing. Especially in closeup

Gallery for the blog post of the day

When Two Become One

The pictures that inspired a big blog post about vows, trust, love, marriage.

The Garden of Eden them… where Two Became One

When Gold Shines

The photo gallery of Lady G and her gold coat.

The photos that goes with a certain blog post

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