Lessons From a Sunset

Waiting to grab the perfect photo of a building during the early points of a sunset has valuable lessons about patience and goal reaching. In the post, a short look at some key lessons a setting sun had for me and how you can benefit from a little patience while chasing dreams

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

It's not always about the road less traveled. Some journeys are just difficult, period. The end of one usually is a beautiful place that makes it all worth it. Keep moving on your path, even if it's quite hard. You never know what awaits you on the other side.

It’s the little things that count….

"It's the little things that count..." A very popular saying that has been used in many context to help others understand the importance of the little things in life. Usually, the ┬álittle positive things. Over time, they add up to be a big deal. What of the not so positive little things? It is a … Continue reading It’s the little things that count….

Flipped Scripts and Camera Flashes

A client's graduation event usually meant the photog aimed his camera discretely to capture memories. This time around, the script is flipped and the photog has to share being photographed. Will this change his perspective on how his clients' feel? Will this impact his shooting style?