Night Test Table of Contents

Some people turn down for the night, others turn up. Elizabeth lends a model hand.

A cold weekend night usually calls for a coat or comforter. Elizabeth, instead, waltz for the camera as if it was summer time.

Table of Content

The table of content will be listed in two forms… short(below) and expanded(end of post).

  1. Elizabeth graces the lens
  2. Elizabeth Night Time Gallery


The tale of a frigid night time light test lives on right here. Fearlessly taking on the brisk windchill, Elizabeth lights up the night with her warm smile and positive attitude.

It’s not just about the fashion or saving lives. It’s about believing in a friend and giving him a chance to level up his skills.

Thank you Elizabeth for braving the cold and making the night time photo session a warm memory.

Enjoy seeing the professionalism Elizabeth brings to this photo session as her beamed smile gives the viewer the impression that she was warm the whole time.

Expanded Table of Contents

To help the reader know what’s coming, a more detailed version of the table of contents is provided for you below.

  1. Elizabeth graces the lens - Testing one's skills in night time photography is most fun when working with a friend Elizabeth gives of her time so that the photog can up his skills
  2. Elizabeth Night Time Gallery - The photo gallery of the night time photo session with Elizabeth now lives as it's own blog post entry.

Bonus Content

Any and all bonus content will be shared with you below. Such as the ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘deleted scenes’ or whatever.


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