Motivational Monday 2018 – Table of Contents

The routine of posting weekly motivating posts has started to grow roots. Continuing the process and learning to improve is the focus of year two. Cheers to a new week.

Table of Content

The table of content will be listed in two forms… short(below) and expanded(end of post).

  1. One way to make goals stick
  2. Work in Silence
  3. Social Average of Success
  4. Keep Moving
  5. Question of Trust
  6. Levels of Awareness
  7. Growth vs Change
  8. New Quarter New Hopes New Season
  9. Life Can Be Like Sports
  10. The Mind That Learns
  11. Making Baby Steps Work
  12. Life changes does changing blogging pace
  13. Seeking Peace
  14. Care for another cup of coffee?
  15. A smile says so much…
  16. It’s the back to school rush
  17. Riding A Heatwave
  18. Forgive Thyself
  19. When Life Seems Hard…
  20. Can’t blame fate, but can optimize fate
  21. Playing Small Can Lead a Person to Miss Out on Opportunities
  22. Greatest Investment?
  23. The Brick Wall
  24. During the holiday season, wishing everyone well


Some folks take a lesson and are satisfied with the results. This writer was pleased with the results of last year’s experiment, however, there is more to be gained.

Finding it fun to inspire, it’s time to ramp up efforts and make this year even better than last.

Here’s optimism to weekly motivational posts with the habit of weekly blogging. Make it another great week on purpose.

Expanded Table of Contents

To help the reader know what’s coming, a more detailed version of the table of contents is provided for you below.

  1. One way to make goals stick - To succeed, one needs habits of success. Sometimes, to get those... one needs to use what one has..... anchoring habits. It's not about will power... it' s about using what works to get better performance. Not convinced? Check out the power of anchoring habits on this blog post then.
  2. Work in Silence - We brag too early about what we will do (some of us) The nay-sayers are able to snuff out our momentum because they know too much too soon. Work in silence... get the goals crushed... let the results speak for themselves.
  3. Social Average of Success - One can influence many but it is easier for many to influence one. Who did you select to influence you? What's your average looking like? Post influence by a Jim Rohn quote
  4. Keep Moving - Some are quick to give up on dreams when the going gets tough. Staying in your lane means... staying the course until success. Motivation Monday. Keep Moving
  5. Question of Trust - The way we trust ourselves... says a lot about how we trust others. Especially in the ability to learn, recover, grow, and move forward. Happy Monday - Motivation based on a Quote
  6. Levels of Awareness - The degree of self-awareness plays a role in how well we get along with others. People's actions tells us a lot about their degree of awareness Happy Motivated Monday
  7. Growth vs Change - We know about the perils of a fixed mindset. We're advised to have a growth mindset. No one speaks about the reluctance to face change in the context of growth. The small play on words had big implications
  8. New Quarter New Hopes New Season - When Mother Nature thinks it's still Winter instead of Spring and lets snow fall as an April's Fool Joke.... bounce back with renewed ambition to make this quarter amazing!
  9. Life Can Be Like Sports - Using the Analogy of Sports to help build out the concept of winning as a habit. Build your winning team and get your goals done! On a professional level
  10. The Mind That Learns - The beginning of anything starts with learning. Keep on learning. Keep applying what you've learned. Motivational Monday - based off an inspirational quote
  11. Making Baby Steps Work - When tackling the impossible, start with the doable and work to the possible. Baby steps do add up to long distances... over time
  12. Life changes does changing blogging pace - when faced with sleepless nights with a newborn....gotta change writing tactics to get a blog post done
  13. Seeking Peace - Self-care and self-love are not memes to ignore. It's the key to finding peace. Make time to find peace... so that you can better handle the stresses of life. Without inner peace... you're not the only one to suffer... others hurt too
  14. Care for another cup of coffee? - Sleep is critical. Especially if you're trying to live without coffee A few life lessons learned that helps keep Monday from feeling extra blue
  15. A smile says so much… - It's more energy efficient to smile than it is to frown. Lady GiGi shows us how to smile brightly Photo Inspired Words to kick of a motivated Monday
  16. It’s the back to school rush - The mindset of back-to-school is how this blogger and father will continue to level up his writing game. Cheers to all the students who have rushed back in to school safely
  17. Riding A Heatwave - Humans are very resilient. But heat is no joke. Stay hydrated and be careful At the time this post goes live, thoughts and prayers to all recovering from the big storm.
  18. Forgive Thyself - It's fine to forgive strangers, family, friends. It's the right thing to do. How about ourselves? We are such harsh critics on ourselves and often times destroy our own mind in the process. Forgive yourself
  19. When Life Seems Hard… - Hard times does not always call for more grind and more hustle Sometimes... you have to fall back, take care of yourself, get stronger, than return fresher
  20. Can’t blame fate, but can optimize fate - We often want to blame our circumstances. They aren't always ideal However. What we do with what we have... makes all the difference in what we will end up with
  21. Playing Small Can Lead a Person to Miss Out on Opportunities - After amazing feedback from a presentation I did recently, humbly realizing how many opportunities I'm missing by playing small Relying on accountability partners to level up and not miss out on blessings/opportunities
  22. Greatest Investment? - Know yourself. Be true to yourself. Applying what you know... is your greatest power. So, the more you know, the better options you have. The single greatest investment, therefore... is.... Read the post to confirm what you believe to be correct 🙂
  23. The Brick Wall - Taking a story from childhood and remixing it into the blog's original go at poetry Life lessons on having the right mindset for success
  24. During the holiday season, wishing everyone well - Wishing everyone a happy holiday season Making some small changes to the blog.. gearing up for the new year...sending positivity Also... letting readers know a little about what's going on in the writer's life (mine) Cheers!

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