Testing New Ways to Write – Via MS Word

The Evolution is no Revolution – lol

Back in the day, writing in Word was… uninspired and an organizational hurdle for me. Not that there was anything wrong with the software. I just was not sure how to track everything.

Now, I have a different method that works for long epic posts. Something I find very “pleasing” to me… but can be a bit laborious for readers… especially the non-avid readers.

Now. To get back to Word, as I heard it can allow some creative options… like… more images in a post….

If things go smoothly, I may enjoy creating content on both Scrivener (for the longer posts) and Word (for the short more graphics intense posts)

Finding a balance is all about experimenting and not being afraid to try new systems, new approaches, and even tweaking existing methods of doing work.

Balance is a very dynamic thing. Life happens. Lessons are learned. And the craft has to keep moving ahead. The ability to learn new things keeps the hard parts of work fun enough to get to the easier parts of work. In the end, it’s the discovery, the creativity, the learning, the upgrades that really colors the path and makes it memorable.

Plus, having one more tool to use means I can have more ways to share with people how I do what I do. When they want to do their own blogging, they now have different options to choose from.

As always, your clicking of like will influence how much of this experiment to continue doing. Until next time, have a great and wonderful rest of day.

Just for editorial kicks… testing below a link to the soon to come portfolio section of the blog in 2018. Gotta do some testing and constantly innovating.

Introductions to Writings

The blogging journey has helped me get into some serious writing.

Some now are worthy of their own showcase as the some of the good ones get lost in the list of growing blog posts.

Starting to experiment with showcasing my work better with a portfolio

Introduction to Photos

Finally getting a section of the site just for the photos mentioned but not yet shared.

My own platform, my own time, my own work… it’s finally starting

Micro – Blogging

A collection of photo inspired words… brought into a better focus on the blog.

The musings are shared both on the blog and on social media as a joint effort of creativity.

This page is the home of micro-blogging

Focused Collections From Social

A collection of micro-blogged posts from social media.

An extension of creative writing

Queen GiGi and the Gold Coat

The royal home of LadyG and her gold coat

A collection of blog posts and images featuring GiGi

Motivational Monday 2017

The segment called Motivational Monday is aggregated by years. This is the 2017 collection

Debut of SM

When your friends not only cheer but decide to participate in your photographic journey…

You’ve got a wonderful Debut set of photos

Cover of SM

When life teaches you a lot, you’re able to understand and support that much more

SM – following her heart’s dream of changing lives through service

The Night Test

The home of the night test with Elizabeth

Braving cold temps. Making photos. Learning lessons.

Concrete Jungle Shoot

The home of the concrete jungle shoot with Patna as she lit up her Urban Runway

All future musings and galleries on this theme will show up here

Poetically Looking

Some candid photos do inspire poetic words. Especially when thinking about life, romance, and the future

The home page for one photo session with Claire

Leveling Up – Table of Content

The photog gives a client a hand in understanding himself and romance.

One has to level up themselves before expecting an elevated romance

First work of fiction attempted on the blog. Table of Content

Keeping Cena

A photo session in the park leads to a gallery and romance fiction on the blog.

Home page of the Gate Keeper project with Lady Cena


The home for all of Elizabeth’s posts on the site.

The galleries, the blog posts, the social media posts… the works

All About The Hats

Elizabeth makes a few hats shine on the blog.

This is the home of all hat related posts with Elizabeth

Purple Lined

Patna loves the color purple. Might as well muse and focus on it. A bit of up close photo work

The home of all the related posts of close up purple

The Rise of Patna

No matter how much life beats you about… you still can rise.

And one can often rise with a smile. This young lady keeps getting back up… with a smile.

Home Page of projects done with Patna on her way up in life

Towns of Candids

Claire creates a little visual buzz during a test of camera gear and candid photography

Home of the candid photos with Claire

CV for Claire

The home page for all projects done with Claire. All her photos. All her blog posts. All inspiration

Just follow the links inside.

Regarding Blues

The home page of the blues where Lady Cena paints the town red with her aqua blue

Lessons learned, poetic words, musings, and gallery… all listed within.. without excess blues

Crop of Closeness

A collection of up close and well cropped photos of Lady Cena

A light test turns into a play with hats

Cover of Micro-Blogging

The Cover page for all things social media blogging and this blog.

Collection of social and micro blogging

GiGi Portraits

Getting up close and capturing the smile of royalty

Moe Curlz

When you know your worth, you press forward until you reach your destination

A series inspired by Moe Curlz affectionately known as GiGi

Let the Queen inspire you

Sunny Reflection

The sun casts many types of reflection. This is the home page of the photo’s reflections on the sun

Motivational Monday 2018

Working to have better more consistent posts of the motivational variety to kick off weeks

The collection lives here

One day… a collection will be complete enough to be published… until then.. the collection grows

Covers of Motivational Monday

The home page of the projects covering Motivational Monday

The full collection of all the Monday Motivation posts

Seeing with trust

The Home of all projects done with the model Cena

This long collaboration has seen many life events and many photographic moments

Motivational Monday 2019

The home of all Motivational Monday posts for 2019

Starting off early… with the goal of filling this page each week with a new post

Episodic Series

Telling long form stories in episodes in the pursuit of the skill of writing short stories and novels

The table of contents of the various projects lives here

The Urban Landscape

The concrete jungle can be a wild place of adventures, stories, and photos

A bookmark-able page of the collection of inspired thoughts and photos of the urban variety

Poetic Musings

Collecting the various poetic musings as the art of word smithing is perfected

This is the bookmark-able page to catch all the musings in poetic form

Concrete Jungle

The collection of various scenes involving man-made landscapes

Poetic Focus

Launching a project focusing on poetry. Learning the skills of writing poetry

This the home page of all future poetic projects to be created

Nature of Landscapes

A list of the few nature landscapes photos captured in during the journey of photography.

A self-directed reminder to do more such photos in the future

Landscape of Nature

Landscapes and scenery photography is an art worth practicing

This page is the documenting of the progression over time… as one seeks to master the art of nature’s landscapes


When you’re not a big party goer…. in part because of being an introvert…. you resort to capturing the events on a blog

Enjoy the recollection of the few parties that left a pleasant impression

Capturing Parties

The collection of blogged parties…. birthday, graduations babyshowers, etc


There are stories behind the photos. Some are collected here.

Tales of the wedding photos

Enjoy the collecdtion

Wedding Memories

A collection of wedding projects

Going back to the roots of this blog by compiling several stories and galleries

Speaking of testing… here is the list of the last 10 blog posts that graced this site.

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