Testing New Ways to Write – Via MS Word

The Evolution is no Revolution – lol

Back in the day, writing in Word was… uninspired and an organizational hurdle for me. Not that there was anything wrong with the software. I just was not sure how to track everything.

Now, I have a different method that works for long epic posts. Something I find very “pleasing” to me… but can be a bit laborious for readers… especially the non-avid readers.

Now. To get back to Word, as I heard it can allow some creative options… like… more images in a post….

If things go smoothly, I may enjoy creating content on both Scrivener (for the longer posts) and Word (for the short more graphics intense posts)

Finding a balance is all about experimenting and not being afraid to try new systems, new approaches, and even tweaking existing methods of doing work.

Balance is a very dynamic thing. Life happens. Lessons are learned. And the craft has to keep moving ahead. The ability to learn new things keeps the hard parts of work fun enough to get to the easier parts of work. In the end, it’s the discovery, the creativity, the learning, the upgrades that really colors the path and makes it memorable.

Plus, having one more tool to use means I can have more ways to share with people how I do what I do. When they want to do their own blogging, they now have different options to choose from.

As always, your clicking of like will influence how much of this experiment to continue doing. Until next time, have a great and wonderful rest of day.

Just for editorial kicks… testing below a link to the soon to come portfolio section of the blog in 2018. Gotta do some testing and constantly innovating.

Introductions to Writings

The blogging journey has helped me get into some serious writing.

Some now are worthy of their own showcase as the some of the good ones get lost in the list of growing blog posts.

Starting to experiment with showcasing my work better with a portfolio

Introduction to Photos

Finally getting a section of the site just for the photos mentioned but not yet shared.

My own platform, my own time, my own work… it’s finally starting

The Brick Wall

Life will throw brick walls your way to see just how hungry you are to get on with your journey.

This post is based on a children story I once heard as a child. A strong motivational inspiration throughout my life

Debut of SM

Taking a moment to debut some of my photography moments with a dear friend of mine who volunteered her time to give me a start.

Thank you SM for the help!

Return Debut with SM

My friend SM returns for another round of photo light testing.

One of the ways I keep my skills growing is to actually try new things. Even if the results do not flatter my subject as much as I’d like, I’m still learning.

Thank you SM for taking the time to let me experiment and grow as an artist.

The Landscapes

The power of nature’s beauty to inspire is amazing. The capturing of said beauty can bring many wonderful images to live.

Taking a look at a few scenic moments and the inspired thoughts they generated

Between Events

Taking a little time to do random shots in photography between events proved to be it’s own event.

Spontaneous art often hides great lessons to improve one’s art making skills

Elizabeth graces the lens

Elizabeth braved the cold. She wanted to help her friend out.

The lessons learned that night would propel a photographer’s career.

Thank you very much Elizabeth for everything

Queen May

Some people love being behind the scenes.

Today, a tribute to a long time supporter of my work

The spotlight is on you as a token of gratitude for believing in me all these years.

Thank you!

Designed by God

I get to share a few thoughts about this wonderful amazing lady… just because.

What started out as me being her teacher ended up flipping the switch and she taught me a ton

She believes that God designed us to be awesome. I agree. So, today, a bit of a shout out and throw back pictures of this lady’s growth.

It’s All in the Eyes

First serious attempt to capture eyes in the evening… an epic fail.. but…

A very successful summer evening photo session of a dear friend

Speaking of testing… here is the list of the last 10 blog posts that graced this site.

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